New Hampshire Tax Assessments

When it comes to finding NH tax assessments online, some of the sources of information are not user friendly. To help simplify the process, an explanation on the use of the various sources of tax assessment information is explained below:

Avitar Associates of New England:

When logging on to this site, you will need a Username and Password. Both the username and the password used to access this site is: public

After signing in, this page will advance to a listing of all the towns and cities that are covered by the Avitar Associates service. “Click” on  the name of the town or city that you are interested in searching.

In order to find tax information, “click” on the upper left column labeled Searches. That will give you a dropdown menu to “click” on to Parcel ID, Owner Name or Address. “Click” on the desired option. You will then get another drop down menu of detailed options. Scroll down until you find the specific option (parcel ID, Owner Name or Address) you desire. That information will then be displayed on the right side of the page under a tab labeled General.

Please note: Unless the bank subscribes to this service, you will be limited to the General tab and you will not have access to the other tabs (Land, Building, Sketch, Photo, Features, Sales). However, at this time, information from the town of Wolfeboro is not limited. It is suggested you go to the Wolfeboro site and view the information available on the other tabs (Land, Building, Sketch, Photo, Features, Sales).


Cartographic Associates:

In addition to tax assessments, this site will provide the user with other useful information (i.e. Areas of interest, Map layers and Map details).  For tax assessment information, place your cursor in the upper left box over the words “Enter text here – Push button below.” Type in the last name of the owner of the property OR the street name OR parcel ID #. (Please note: it may take a few tries for your input to register in the space provided.) Once the information is registered, “click” on the appropriate tab just below where you entered the information. Below that tab, various owner names will appear. “Click” on the desired name and several pieces of information will appear. This includes a picture of the subject (which can be made larger by “clicking” on the small picture), building sketch and the CAI Property Card (which gives detailed tax information after “clicking” on the tab.


Vision Appraisal:

This is a user friendly service that is easy to navigate. Some towns and city sites may require that you apply for a free registration. Once this is accomplished, future searches will require that you enter your email address and password.


Other Assessment Sources:

Many towns and cities offer tax assessment information from their own homepage. Information can be detailed or limited to information in a spread sheet. Instructions for finding the assessment information may be listed in the Comments section of the New Hampshire Tax Assessments website.

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